Ipad 2.0 – The Next Big Thing

Fred here from the iPad Master Blog

We all know that most futuristic gadget available in the market today is the iPad. It ha s actually inspired competition and yet has been on a different level. But what if I tell you that it would soon bet getting a worthy competitor? And that too a competitor which can actually surpass what the iPad couldn’t? Well, with no one else to compete with, the iPad decided to compete with itself which will manifest itself in the form of iPad 2.0.

So, what exactly would make the iPad 2.0 superior than the iPad? First things first, it is bound to have a camera. When the iPad was launched everyone was left with two questions. One, how could they possible create something as amazing as this and two, why didn’t they include a camera? Though the first one will always remain a mystery, the second question will be answered by iPad 2.0. iPad 2.0 is also set to be a lot thinner and sleek.

Another thing that is set to change would be the iPad’s inability to do multi-tasking. But with OS 4.0, the iPad 2.0 will make sure that you can run as many applications you like at the same time. And for everyone who thought that iPad should have been able to double up as an e-book reader as well would be happy to know that the Apple is also planning to make that wish of yours come true with the iPad 2.0.

The iPad would also take one step forward towards making the iPad 2.0 user friendly by adding USB ports to their masterpiece. That would surely make it a lot more compatible with all other systems. We all know how it feels when you have your fingerprints all over the iPad , but that feeling is soon going to be extinct as iPad 2.0 will have a coating that would not let that happen. So, iPad 2.0 is going to the market and hit it hard.

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When it comes to iPad Capacity…. nothin’ but Choices

Fred here talking about the best iPad capacity

When anyone mentions iPad, the first thing that comes into my mind is the future because the iPad in itself is a very futuristic gadget and is set to change the way we look at computing systems. Surely, it is a must have for any gadget lover. But the hardest part of buying an iPad is choosing between the several variants that Apple has given us. We are surely spoiled when it comes to the number of choices when it comes to iPad capacity. We have the iPad in 16/32/64 GB. And all these capacities are available with only Wi-fi or with Wi-fi and 3G. So that leaves us with as many as six variants.

So, let’s see how we can make a choice between the six. Well, as far as the memory is concerned, we all know that apple applications are never that big with the biggest of them all getting up to a maximum of 200MB. This means that if you’re buying an iPad just for applications then one with a smaller capacity would do just fine. But then again, if you are someone with a taste for music and movies you would surely like to go for the larger memory option. But then again, you would also want to consider that the price goes up by 100$ between the different capacities.

Then you have to decide between the Wi-fi only and the 3G feature. Yes, 3G does offer on demand connectivity and also adds the amazing GPS application to the iPad’s repertoire but I would suggest that if you have a 3G enabled phone like the iPhone then you should go for the non-3G version. Seemingly the 32GB 3G enabled variant lets you have the best of both worlds but considering that Apple would soon be launching an upgrade, I say you should go for the 64GB 3G enabled iPad which would still have a higher resale value and would be appealing to the power users.

So as you can see, when it comes to iPad capacity, the consumer has a lot of choices. Unless your like me and always want as many features as you can fit in there.

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Most Anticipated Gadget of the Century – the iPad

Fred here from an iPad Master Blog

If anyone were to ask me which device was the most anticipated gadget of the century, I would without any hesitation say that it was the iPad. And has it been worth the wait or what? With this new revolutionary product, Apple aims at changing the way world looks at it gadgets. For starters, the iPad has been designed keeping in mind all possible uses that it may find with the web or multimedia.

You would not be wrong if you were to dub it as a bigger version of the already established iPhone. But this time round you would have to admit that the bigger the better. It weighs about 680 grams and is pretty sleek for the kind of device it is with 5 inches of thickness. The multi-touch capacitive screen is always going to be big enough for you with its dimensions being 24.6 cm diagonally. It runs on an upgraded version of the iPhone OS and is obviously capable enough to deal with any kind of Apple applications.

Yes, it is a fragile device and that’s the reason that Apple has gone a step forward and has included a cover for safety along with an Apple keyboard and dock. With a processing ability of 1 GHz it is one force to reckon with. It has several variants based on memory starting from 16 GB to 64 GB and also on the basis of Wi-fi connectivity. Apple has also launched a development kit to work on iPad applications and has already made an emulator for running iPad applications available for its users. Surely, its one gadget you would give an arm for.

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