Dragon Dictation – Free Voice to Text Software

Dragon Dictation for the iPad – a free voice to text software

Dragon Dictation for the iPad / iPhone is voice to text software that is free.

What does that mean exactly?  It means that you can talk to your iPad and it will type out what you tell it.  Pretty amazing stuff.  Can you imagine the possibilities?  You could interview someone without having to write it down or type it.  Just for fun, I decided to dictate this blog post to my iPad and then used copy / paste to post it to this blog.  How cool is that?  Yes, you can tell that I am totally geeking out about this iPad app.  You can even write a book just by talking your iPad’s ear off, if you feel like it. After dictating a message to your iPad, you can also e-mail it or post it to Facebook or Twitter.

Now, voice to text software isn’t perfect so it’s best if you use a headset or speak directly into the microphone of your device.  People might not realize the amount of complexity involved with converting a sound into text.  In case you didn’t know, voice to text software is a form of Artificial Intelligence.  Don’t worry though, your iPad can’t take over the world like the movies would have you believe.

So what could make this app even cooler? Dragon Dictation is actually free (yes I said free).  Now, if you really like this application and want to put it on your Mac, Dragon Dictation will cost you $199 dollars when purchased at Nuance’s website.  I’m not sure if they are different versions with different features, but I am just happy to have a free voice to text software.

So for my review I give Dragon Dictation 5 out of 5 stars.

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