Kingdoms at War – An iPad Game Review

Here is an iPad game review for Kingdoms at War…

Kingdoms at War is a great game for the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad.

The first thing I liked about this game was the fact that it was free.  Do I really need to say more on this subject?  There were some flaws with the game, but since this game is free I bumped up the rating a little in it’s favor.

This game feels a lot like Castle Age for Facebook.  It also has a flavor of Age of Empires to it.  The player builds cities and buildings, attacking people and performing quests in hopes of getting more gold and ruling the world.  Unlike Castle Age, Kingdoms at War does not have a bank where you can safely hide your money.  You might come back after a day and see that all your gold has been stolen.  However, you can build buildings to fortify your castle to prevent these thefts.  It could be that Kingdoms at War is in it’s infancy.  I can remember when Castle Age wasn’t as fleshed out as it now.  I stuck around and the game seemed to have a plot played out over time as the game improved and more quests were added.  Only time will tell if Kingdoms at War (KaW) will improve in the future.  I still enjoyed the game and will continue to play it when my account has enough gold to build some more buildings and hire some more infantry, etc.

So for my review, I give Kingdoms at War 4 out of 5 stars.

Here is a link to install Kingdoms at War at the iTunes website.

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