Most Anticipated Gadget of the Century – the iPad

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If anyone were to ask me which device was the most anticipated gadget of the century, I would without any hesitation say that it was the iPad. And has it been worth the wait or what? With this new revolutionary product, Apple aims at changing the way world looks at it gadgets. For starters, the iPad has been designed keeping in mind all possible uses that it may find with the web or multimedia.

You would not be wrong if you were to dub it as a bigger version of the already established iPhone. But this time round you would have to admit that the bigger the better. It weighs about 680 grams and is pretty sleek for the kind of device it is with 5 inches of thickness. The multi-touch capacitive screen is always going to be big enough for you with its dimensions being 24.6 cm diagonally. It runs on an upgraded version of the iPhone OS and is obviously capable enough to deal with any kind of Apple applications.

Yes, it is a fragile device and that’s the reason that Apple has gone a step forward and has included a cover for safety along with an Apple keyboard and dock. With a processing ability of 1 GHz it is one force to reckon with. It has several variants based on memory starting from 16 GB to 64 GB and also on the basis of Wi-fi connectivity. Apple has also launched a development kit to work on iPad applications and has already made an emulator for running iPad applications available for its users. Surely, its one gadget you would give an arm for.

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