Which iPad to choose?

Now is the time to decide, if you got an idea of the prices, you might still have two questions: what capacity to choose from, and what connectivity (WiFi or 3G).

Choosing iPad capacity

The iPad is available in 16, 32 or 64 GB, with prices significantly different. At first glance, the 32 GB iPad is a good compromise, because you might not have time to complete them before a second generation of iPad.

Unless your music library includes tens of thousands of songs, or you might want to store videos, the ability to dream of bigger capacity is useless.

For those who would use their iPad for use only web & mail, the 16GB version is just fine.

iPad capacity and connectivity

iPad 3G or WiFi?

To answer this question, the price difference between models being about 120 $ higher for the iPad 3G, you must ask youself what use you will make of the iPad:

- Most likely, because of the dimensions of the gadget, you will use it only at home: sitting on the couch, watching TV and surfing with the tablet. – Remember that if you already have an iPhone 3G, it’s still easier to carry in a pocket. But, if you have 3G your PC or Mac, the question may arise … by comparing the packages offered by your 3G operator for your iPad and your PC or Mac.

If you intend to use your iPad outside, the question remains as free Wi-Fi networks are increasingly available … including most areas currently covered by 3G.

Remains whether the battery (announced for 10 hours of use) will hold its promises (rather interesting for a laptop), and of course, know the final bids offered by different operators.

One thing is certain, the iPad will be more difficult to justify as “business expenses” unlike iPhone, because it looks more like an entertainment tool than like a working device. Unless, in fact, specific professional applications will emerge in the coming months for the iPad … which is very probable.

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